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[Verse 1]
It's like this, I create a crisis with my right fist
left fist kept pristine cuz I'm a leftist
it's like this, I quit taking pipe hits,
wine sips and white sniffs the day Dylan married Isis:
May 5th, back to enslavement on July 5th,
Independence Day, shit, nice myth.
Who's telling the school kids what the price is
rather than waste time unspooling the mind twist?
Real ain't really real unless you recognize it,
the truth ain't gotta hurt unless you weaponize it.
Enriched uranium pellets in my rhyme that
might get ignorant citizens blinded by the brightness.
Strike swift, leave a devil lifeless
and extract his gold incisors with my vice-grips
tireless eye on the sacred ibis
the flow nurture nations, Tigris, and it's like this.

[Verse 2]
It's like this, forever getting hotter like the climate,
there is no debate among scientists.
Straight out the viper pit, bring your nicest written to the cypher, kid,
learn how the knife wit slices, its like this:
even when I'm pissed, it's righteous,
flipping off the system like a light switch or quarter-pipe lip,
fuck anyone that hold a nightstick
I'm tight with the cordless mic and steady like a water pipe drip,
drip, Remy said it's a swordfight, this life, hence
why I'm jumping fences like a flight risk.
I'm just an emcee that's quite sick,
and this the type of shit that make Mike Vic wanna fight pits.
It's like this, cough it up, bronchitis,
ain't made for tykes, Fisher-Price's devices,
made in the most high's image and likeness
ain't a metaphor or simile when I spit, it's like . . .


from Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty, released April 17, 2016
produced, recorded and mixed by Fellowman




Fellowman Charlottesville, Virginia

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