I Believe That (ft. R​.​U​.​N​.​T​.​215th)

from by Fellowman

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[Verse 1 - Fellowman]
You know how it feels to get your shit took?
Watching helpless, all you can do is just look?
Cuz you made the mistake of nibbling that fishhook,
now you're dangling by your lip like a lynched crook,
Crestfallen, missing that yes yes y'all-ing,
it makes my flesh crawl and my clenched jaw twitch
to know that some of the best squalid living check to check
while pests all clocking them Les Paul chips.
It's a horrible lack of purity,
they full of shit like a mortgage-backed security.
Your luxury's paid for in blood money,
the unsung laborer done grungy,
originator dust bunny, swept under the rug, money,
yo just ask the drummer from Mudhoney,
but when the flood comes rushing they won't be chuckling
the levee gonna break and the humblest get their nugget then!

You can trust this,
the arc of history bends toward justice
(I believe that, homie I believe that) [x2]
But conciliation is a sneak trap,
fuck signing a peace pact 'til my people get their freedom back.
(I believe that, homie I believe that)

[Verse 2 – R.U.N.T.215th]
(Black lives matter yo!)
You ever been passed by cops
while being black, for skin tone harrassed by cops?
When the guns pop you shot and murdered fast by cops?
Got no Glock, acquittal real fast for the cops.
Now the urban nation's rocked by the slaughter of hood martyrs,
the news wanna stress that we're savage and being lawless
when we're really screaming justice, demanding it in the rawest,
the system ain't colorblind, you act as if it's flawless.
But we ain't taking blame no more,
you shooting million dollar missiles in the wars, now you blame it on the poor,
when the deficit's increasing, real reason that you creeping
in the pockets of the people that you fleecing got 'em beefing
over racial overtones of politicians with agendas,
attacking people's race, class, religions, and their genders.
Fake pretenders bucking with you with a vengeance,
justice for my people, vigilante rhyme relentless!


[Verse 3 – Fellowman]
Gimme a syncopated beat, some ink and paper, a pad and pencil,
a single breath, with ease I'll demolish it on some mad aggressive,
I bring the devastating diamond-tipped rapping method,
but to string together a sequence of rhyming shit ain't that impressive.
Where's your content? Sick of the nonsense,
congratulations, you win the dick-riding contest.
You got faith in the process? I'm not impressed,
it's probably best to run up in Congress with a bomb vest,
but I wanna stress: it don't gotta be that way,
but when people pushed to extremes, yo, they think that way.
Y no me importa que cultura naciste,
el amor se transforma al infiernos, Maciste:
la fuerza tuya contra la fuerza mundial,
la presión más dura denatura brutal,
la fe más pura que el cura sostiene sin duda,
nos vienen a cobrar, sin embargo, como Cuba.


from Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty, track released April 3, 2016
recorded & mixed by Finn Downey




Fellowman Charlottesville, Virginia

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