Demon's Gate (ft. Remy St. Clair)

from by Fellowman

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[Verse 1 – Fellowman]
Angels to some, demons to others.
The city bank it, senate bites it like it's Lehman Brothers.
Put the barrel to your apparel, best not penny-pinch,
get your JP Morgan chased down and your Merrill lynched.
Fill them sacks with the gold man, run the rings,
dump your ass in wells far, go and bring the changelings.
Seven days up on the ransom note to pay for things,
seven-digit hands on throats, ending the reigns of kings.
Fuck your monarchy, Kate Middleton,
Grace Kelly, you know the policy, break militant.
Stay diligent, villain in the bing'll
put a pencil in a vein like the state Philly in.
Now you lost serenity, Nate Fillion,
papers say they brilliant, I really ain't feeling 'em.
Wanna take pity? Devil in the cell again,
get the gate ready and for God's sake seal him in.
Mash, son of man, splashed with the blood of the lamb,
better act like you understand
when they come with the gun in the hand
making demands on a plundered land, damn.
Move through the underground like a hundred grand worth of contraband
from Japan, kaiju stomping remind you of all of the violence this country began!

[Verse 2 – Remy St. Clair]
When skies darken and seas turn into blood,
and your memories are now your enemies, you're a shell, a piece of what was,
behind the demon gate, it incubates
all your innermost fears that lie in wait,
it'll instigate and then manipulate
until you bend, break, or lose shape.
Through hellfire and brimstone I push on,
cuz I know that every test and trial that'll come along'll make me stronger.
Kid indigo, third eye open like you ain't know,
and I walked through the fire many years ago
like Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo.
Do you really wanna go to war
with the beast, with the brute, with the freak, with the hellion?
Do you think you have what it takes
to show you're a maven and lead the rebellion?
You better get your ass in the game,
it's a sin and a shame you don't use that melon,
and you say you got it all worked out,
meanwhile they got you all mapped out like Magellan.
Who you tellin'? These angels and demons are one and the same,
decalcify to reboot the brain, a capful of bleach to cleanse the frame,
sin and a shame if you don't maintain,
internal warfare over hat and snare,
the fear's in the air, so do you dare?
The beast is in here and through you he peers!


from Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty, released April 17, 2016
produced by Fellowman, recorded & mixed by Finn Downey.
Guitar by Grahm Reynolds.




Fellowman Charlottesville, Virginia

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