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Relentless, rip and rend flesh and gnaw bones,
napkin in my lap'll catch a rapper's gallstones.
Eating off a big platter like I'm Sean Combs,
live from the barbecue but ain't no Nas Jones.
Prying off an arm and chew it with the taro root,
a hearty fool with artichoke and Swiss chard to garnish you,
cooked far too long, nutrients departed you
but top-grade sauce made with sauteed garlic'll do.
I keep comparing art to food, they gon' take it there,
say I'm aping Action down to race, carriage and facial hair,
so I'mma switch to Brother Ali: say your prayers.
It's morning in America, that's why we make 'em scared.
Break your fast with some pancakes, grape jelly, jam, crepes, berry preserves.
Even with federal and state mandates against Fellowman they couldn't bury these words,
check it: they couldn't defeat us if they was abortionists,
couldn't BP us even though we flow ceaseless,
life or death, whose choice is this? Decisions forced
upon my sisters by revisionist courts
like that Religious Freedom Restoration Act,
ayo I hope I live to see this Pence's face get smacked
and every PD committing race-based attacks fade to black,
and that's whatever you wanna take from that.
Where my patience at? Same place my pension at.
Best be glad that my compassion ain't commensur-at,
I mean commensurate, reason why I mention that
cuz if it was I'd smoke a joker, Doug Benson that,
Judd Nelson that, raised fist, freeze frame,
don't you forget about your lane kid, please stay.
Business, I'll handle it by means necessary,
dedication Davises: Miles, Angela and Larry.


from Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty, released April 17, 2016
recorded & mixed by Finn Downey




Fellowman Charlottesville, Virginia

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