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Soon as I hear an MC that's tight, I'm seized by the need to write,
every word steaming like I'm speaking on a freezing night,
cap peeling, turn a Katt Williams to a Steven Wright,
deadpan, like Robin Williams in your speaker, right.
Not left, pop, better spot-check your knot, rent
out hiphop's penthouse, ain't no room at at the top left.
Press record and I'mma smash sixteens,
scandalous like if the press report I smashed six teens.
Pause, no, that was Rob Lowe sniffing raw blow,
all I do is stick up for the dirt like I robbed Lowes.
You know the drill, the squad pros,
my art mix high and low, Frieda Kahlo, Petey Pablo.
Try to spit the shit I spit and dislocate your jaw though,
bad idea, dismal failure, Bristol Palin's ma though.
Iced neck, sloppy up in Spago?
Pago, get your price checked cuz every bar cold.
I'm far from Chicago, meaning I am not commonplace,
Fellow not Tom Morello, I never stop the rage,
29 but my mind is like Halley's Comet's age,
paleontology could just barely approximate.


from Raw Data Vol. 1: Soul of the Shitty, released April 17, 2016
recorded & mixed by Finn Downey




Fellowman Charlottesville, Virginia

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